Democratic Party of Moldova

Press realise

17 July 2018

The Program First Home 3, created for families with children, will be launched at the proposal of PDM

The Program First Home 3, created for families with children, will be launched at the proposal of PDM
The Republic of Moldova will implement an updated agenda of reforms and measures, given the need for the modernization of all vital necessities, first of all, and because of the commitments it has made to external partners. The agenda was announced by the president of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, at the press briefing, which took place after the party’s weekly meeting, during which important political decisions had been taken. 

Vlad Plahotniuc has reconfirmed the PDM’s firm decision to respect the commitments it has made to implement reforms, regardless of some of European Parliament’s reactions and not just because these commitments must be honoured, but also because they contribute to the modernization of the Republic of Moldova. 

”We will further respect our commitments made to external partners. At the same time, a great deal of importance shall be placed on the projects that will offer direct benefits to the citizens, for example, the social, economic, educational projects, the public health projects, the ones that concern the infrastructure and so on. We do not implement reforms in order to receive external financing, but to offer the people a better life. This is why we have asked our colleagues, today, to accelerate the voting on reforms, which are already being debated on in the Parliament”, the leader of the democrats said. 

In this context, Vlad Plahotniuc has announced that new projects will be launched. These will offer important benefits to the people. Thus, the project First Home 3, created for families with children, shall start in the near future and will bring new advantages in the purchase of houses. The PDM president has also reminded of the project First Home 1, which has been running for a few months now and which was created for large categories of citizens and focused on young people, and of the project First Home 2, which was created for officials. Both projects were appreciated by the beneficiaries. The project First Home 3 shall assume the gradual compensation, from the State Budget, of the mortgage, from 10 to 100%, depending on the number of children in the family. 

Also, today, a solution for the minimization of taxes on the completion of the inheritance acts has been proposed. This problem concerning high taxes has been brought up by citizens during the meetings that the democrats hold in different localities. At the present time, the citizens pay approximately 2 000 lei at the notary and at the Public Services Agency for the inheritance acts. After the implementation of the solution proposed by PDM, these taxes shall be reduced at 351 lei.

This important decrease of taxes will be made by excluding a number of documents and by compensating, from the state budget, a part of the taxes that were being paid until now. The measures concern only the legal procedures for inheritance, not the sale of property.  Additional attention shall be given to the selling procedure. For the reduction of such taxes, Vlad Plahotniuc has pointed out that a legislative amendment will be needed, and his colleagues in the party shall immediately propose the solution to the Parliament. It is considered that the solution will be voted by the end of the session, so that the citizens could benefit as soon as possible from it. 

Another subject that has been discussed was the performance of the One-stop-shop (Ghiseul Unic), which was created in order to help citizens complete their personal documents in a single place, without having to waste time in various institutions. „It is working, but not the way it is supposed to be working: there are cases in which some officials have a wrong behaviour towards citizens; in many places, huge queues exist because there are a lot of people who are waiting for assistance. There are also problems concerning the working schedule of the One-stop shop, which is not very convenient to citizens. These problems were announced by citizens during the weekly session of the Public Services Agency and these shortcomings must be corrected”, said the PDM president. 

At the same time, during his speech at the briefing, prime-minister Pavel Filip spoke about the phases of the implementation of reforms, as they are provided in the Association Agreement, which stands at the basis of the Government’s programme, and also about reforms provided in the Agreement on EU macro-financial assistance to Moldova. 

In this context, the prime-minister has emphasized that the Association Agreement remains the main reference point for the measures taken by the Government in order to satisfy the priorities of the Moldovan society. „Concerning the Agreement’s conditions, the ones for the first tranche from the Agreement on EU macro-financial assistance to Moldova, which has been suspended by the European Parliament, have been fully accomplished. The conditions for the second tranche have been partially accomplished and we are heading to the third tranche”, Pavel Filip announced. 

Concerning the second tranche, the prime-minister has given a few examples of measures that have already been taken and of measures that are yet to be taken: the construction procedures of the Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline have started; the Action Plan for the identification of beneficiaries from qualified stakeholders in insurance companies and for the audit of insurance companies has been presented to the World Bank experts; a new Methodology on controlling the property and personal interests and on respecting the legal terms in conflicts of interests, incompatibilities and restrictions has been approved. The new Law on bank activity and the prudential surveillance of banks and investment companies is being implemented, as well as the secondary legislation, BASEL III. The Ministry of Economy shall present to the Parliament a new Law on the regulation of procurements made by companies that provide public utility services, by concessions and by public-private partnerships. 

Concerning the third tranche, Pavel Filip said that there have also been accomplished a number of conditions, such as the adoption of the Law concerning the non-bank lending organizations, in order to improve the directing of social assistance programs; there have also been approved amendments to the Law for social assistance. 

Concerning the projects that the government will implement next, prime-minister Filip has reminded of the fact that one of the projects from the law reform package concerns the regulation of the mechanism for the selection and evaluation of candidates and judges holding function (the evaluation of judges’ performances and the carrier of the judges shall follow the meritocracy principle).

The second project aims at perfecting the mechanism of holding the judges responsible for the violation of their professional duties, in a way that would make them more responsible for their actions.  The third project aims at eliminating the abusive pre-trial detentions. Even if the society has different opinions on this subject, this debate must be ended through regulations, which would stop the abusive pre-trial detentions. 

„The pre-trial detention must remain an exceptional, objective measure”, the prime-minister has added. „It must be well-reasoned and should only be applied in exceptional cases. This also concerns the extension of the pre-trial detention. Unfortunately, this measure is used, sometimes, abusively and on representatives of the business field. This thing might affect the investment climate in our country, unless we come with steady solutions”, prime-minister said.