Democratic Party of Moldova

Press realise

13 March 2018

A new opinion poll confirms that Moldovan citizens approve of the Government’s approach of dealing strictly with issues that the people are currently facing

A new opinion poll confirms that Moldovan citizens approve of the Government’s approach of dealing strictly with issues that the people are currently facing

A new opinion poll, conducted in February and commissioned by the Democratic Party, seems to confirm that the people highly regard the Government’s decision to leave the politicking aside and focus instead strictly on solving the people’s problems. The socio-economic barometer that was presented today is conducted each two-months to gauge the opinions of ordinary citizens with regard to the current activities of the government, to what needs to be improved and in which areas.

Following the presentation of IMAS survey, the DPM chairman Vlad Plahotniuc declared that ”this recognition by citizens encourages us to further focus all our energy and all our available Party human resources to deliver the best results for the benefit of the people”.

Vlad Plahotniuc said that the first decision made following the presentation of  survey results was to further consolidate this approach, this change of attitude towards the citizens. After discussions about the method of conducting the  local meetings of the Democratic Party representatives with the citizens  it was decided that these meetings should follow a new principle so that the citizens could take part in defining the priorities for the Government’s Agenda. Consequently, the DPM MPs and Party representatives will meet with citizens not to give speeches, but listen to them, answer questions and take note of issues and proposals. After the information regarding the problems and proposals is gathered, a Party workgroup will assess and deliver it to relevant bodies for solution and implementation.

In this context, the DPM Party leader encourages the people to take advantage of the presence of the Democrat Party members in their region and share their problems and proposals they deem worthwhile. ”Thanks to our closeness to the citizens, we are confident that they will be able to tell apart between a Party that is close to the people and other parties that prefer to engage in demagogical speeches and scandals on TV and Facebook”, is Vlad Plahotniuc’s message addressed to the citizens.

Another important topic discussed at the today’s DPM meeting concerned the surprising statements made by the OSCE representative for Transnistria Mr. Franco Frattini, in a recent interview to the Russian media, during his visit to Moscow. With regard to these statements, the DPM considers that, regardless of where they are voiced, be it in Moscow or elsewhere, such statements can negatively affect  the process of solving the Transnistrian issue.” We have had similar situations in the past that arose from the ambitions of some international officials who wanted to mark a formal success, by attempting to force us to sign a number of documents that were clearly disadvantageous for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. We cannot understand why these statements are made now when for the first time in 15 years we have made real progress, our efforts and the progress made are hampered by conjunctural and subversive statements made by some officials. We, in Moldova, have a saying: if you cannot help, at least do not harm”, said Vlad Plahotniuc, who has reiterated that for the Republic of Moldova the withdrawal of Russian army from our territory is and shall remain a high priority, which we hope will be supported by the international community, including by the Russian Federation.

Also, the resignation of Mr. Alexandru Tanase, as head of Ministry of Justice, following an intimidation campaign set in motion against him, was discussed at the meeting. Vlad Plahotniuc publicly thanked Mr. Alexandru Tănase for accepting to be part of the Government and said he regretted his decision to resign from office. ”I see that this subject has raised a lot of speculations.  We understand that we are in an election year and some people, in the absence of [worthy] topics to discuss, cling to anything to get some media coverage. Sooner or later, the waters will clear up”, Vlad Plahotniuc said.

In this context, the DPM chairman said that during the session of the Permanent Bureau of the party, held immediately after the weekly meeting, the candidatures for the office of Minister of Justice have been discussed and it has been decided that the Democratic Party will put forward the candidacy of Mrs. Victoria Iftodi.  The Prime Minister shall submit her candidature tomorrow to the President for approval.

At the press briefing, Vlad Plahotniuc has also announced the launching of a public-private partnership  that is expected to attract investments necessary to build a multifunctional ultramodern arena in Chisinau, which Government experts estimate will be completed in a year’s time.