Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

26 July 2019

Democrats are demanding resignation of Minister of Finance, Natalia Gavrilita

Democrats are demanding resignation of Minister of Finance, Natalia Gavrilita

Today, at the plenary of the Parliament, Democratic Party's parliamentary faction tabled a no-confidence motion against the activity of Minister of Finance, Natalia Gavrilita. The initiative comes in as a reaction to fiscal measures that she announced a few days ago.

"In less than two months, this ministry, unfortunately, proved absolutely inefficient. It turned out to be a ministry that took over administration with all invoices paid and more than three billion lei remaining in the accounts and still, within just two months, it proved incapable to accumulate sufficient funds for the state budget to pay salaries and implement the projects in which the Republic of Moldova is fully engaged.  This ministry found no other solution but getting their hands into the pockets of our citizens", stated deputy chairman of PDM's faction Vladimir Cebotari.

Thus, following the intention of the Minister of Finance, Natalia Gavrilita, to cancel lunch tickets, to eliminate personal tax exemptions for citizens that have a monthly income of 20000 lei and to increase VAT for HoReCa from 10% to 20%, democrats urgently demanded the following:

  1. Initiate the procedure to dismiss Natalia Gavrilita from office of Minister of Finance of the Republic of Moldova;
  2. Publish commitments to International Monetary Fund; 
  3. Stop fiscal initiatives that will destroy whole branches of national economy, including the aforementioned;
  4. Stop attacks against business environment and thousands of honest employees who want to work, earn a living and live in the Republic of Moldova;
  5. Promote just the fiscal policies that will encourage creation of new jobs, payment of taxes into the state budget and development of business;
  6. Continue policies of the previous Government which served the interests of the citizens and of the Republic of Moldova.

Minister of finance, Natalia Gavrilita, is coming to report to the Parliament next week.