Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

07 September 2019

Pavel Filip has been elected as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova

Pavel Filip has been elected as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova

Pavel Filip is the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova. The new leader of the party has been elected by an unanimous vote by the Democrat delegates to the PDM’s Extraordinary IX Congress.

The freshly-elected Chairman of PDM said that the Democratic Party always knew to get over the hard moments in its history and to remain one of the main actors on the political scene. At the same time, in his opinion today’s congress offered the opportunity to rethink things within the party. “Together, I want to contribute to the transforming of the Democratic Party into a fundamentally European one with a social orientation, that has no barriers between its structures and members at all levels. We have the most professional team, we have exceptional people and organizations. All these put in the interest of the country will not delay to bring the results that not only us expect, but also the citizens. Only this way we will succeed to bring back Moldova on the path of European integration, only this way we will be able to regain citizens’ trust in their own homeland,” said Pavel Filip.

In their addresses to the congress, the PDM heads mentioned the special importance that the Democratic Party has in the current political equation in Moldova. Being the main opposition parliamentary party, with a third of MPs, PDM has the duty to the country and the citizens to keep an eye on the slippages of the PSRM-ACUM accidental alliance and to denounce them.

After almost three months of governing, the Socialists and the “formal pro-Europeans” of PAS and PPDA have proved that their own concern is to promote their party members, their relatives, kinsmen, godchildren and loyal people to their organizations, to subordinate politically the institutions and to reckon with their political opponents, completely forgetting about the citizens and the promises they made to improve their lives and to modernize Moldova.

Moreover, instead of continuing the good projects for people, the Government of Maia Sandu has suspended the governmental projects only because they were started by the Filip Government, such as: “A doctor for you”, “First Home”, “A new life”, “Good Roads”, projects for the modernization of the water and sewerage infrastructure, and others.

The elections within the congress have continued with the voting of the members of the new National Political Council. After that it will meet to elect the deputy chairpersons and the Secretary General of the Democratic Party.

During the Extraordinary IX Congress, the Democrats have voted a number of amendments to the PDM statute. The position of First Deputy Chairman of PDM has been annulled, as well as the Executive Board of PDM, which will have its duties passed to the Standing Bureau that, as of today, is called the Executive Bureau of PDM.

In the end, the delegates voted the resolution of the PDM Extraordinary IX Congress and a political statement, which strongly condemns the actions of the PSRM-ACUM governing coalition that undermine the sovereignty and the national independence. The PDM statement calls for all the citizens who believe in the values of the Republic of Moldova and the European aspirations to solidarize with the Democratic Party to withstand the attempts of the governors to usurp the future of the generations to come.
Also today in the meeting of the National Political Council Alexandru Jizdan has been elected by an unanimous as General Secretary.