Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

20 July 2019

PDM's National Political Council decided to postpone party's extraordinary congress for September 7

PDM's National Political Council decided to postpone party's extraordinary congress for September 7

Today, members of PDM's National Political Council convened in a meeting. Democrats analysed the social and political situation in the country after the Democratic Party gave away government. Unfortunately, they found that the PSRM-PAS-PPDA alliance is preoccupied with political subordination of institutions that must be independent, with populist actions, and did nothing specific for the citizens. Moreover, they suspended projects meant to improve people's living conditions, such as the programs Good Roads, A New Life, A Doctor for You. "People in the country see that the current government is already failing, and the number of issues that people are facing is going up", said the acting chairman of PDM, Pavel Filip.

Another subject, discussed in the meeting of the National Political Council was PDM's extraordinary congress convened for July 27. Following the conferences of party's territorial organizations, the meeting concluded that Democratic Party needs reorganization, a deeper modernization, which need to be prepared carefully, and that requires a longer time. Moreover, the need to attract personalities, specialists from various areas, who would share the values and vision of democrats for the development of the Republic of Moldova, has been discussed. The concerns of politicians from the Democratic Party must be citizen-centred. "PDM needs a deep reform, as well as consolidation both in the territory and at central level", Pavel Filip underscored.

Based on the aforementioned, members of NPC decided to postpone the congress for September 7 and gave Permanent Bureau the mandate to set up a working group that would prepare the project for modernization of Democratic Party. Permanent Bureau also received the power to start PDM's preparations for local elections, including the set-up of electoral staff. In this sense, consolidation of PDM's local teams and identification of potential candidates for elected positions from the democrats have also been discussed.