Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

15 August 2019

The illegal file regarding the usurpation of the state power is also a process of fraud in the local elections

The illegal file regarding the usurpation of the state power is also a process of fraud in the local elections
The file regarding the so-called usurpation of state power brought to the attention by politicians from PSRM-ACUM government is a process of fraud in the autumn local elections. The interim PDM president Pavel Filip announced this during a briefing held today in Parliament. The Democrats have emphasized that PDM candidates for the local elections are being pressured and intimidated including through this illegal file.

“We know that the current regime has no limits and orders files one after another, only to fulfill its purpose of intimidating the opposition before the elections. This file itself was made at the public order of some politicians, and assumed by them, represents a very clear act of usurping the power in the state, for which both the sponsors of the file and those who will help them in their abusive and illegal act, are to answer before the law. We do not believe in this file and no one believes in it, not even its authors, but they are desperate for revenge. But they know, as well as we do, that this way of intimidating the opposition is being closely watched by the international community, and if they cross the red line, it will be the beginning of the end of this repressive and abusive regime,” said Pavel Filip.

Democrats have also underlined that the current government needs this invented file to distract citizens from their real problems, such as wages, pensions, prices, tariffs, taxes, roads, etc. Pavel Filip sent a message to all the PDM mayors, as well as to the party members, the supporters of the democratic opposition, to trust how the team they lead will act further to end the abuses of power and be closer to the people, in protection of the interests of the citizens of the country.

At the same time, the Democrats announced that the true usurpers of the state power are the current governors, who have politically shared the institutions of law and give directions to the prosecutors. The PDM will submit several complaints and notifications to the General Prosecutor's Office, both on proven facts regarding the usurpation of power by the current governing regime including June 8-15, as well as regarding more illegalities committed, abuse and excess of power.

PDM Press Office