Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

24 June 2019

Vlad Plahotniuc resigned as Chairman of PDM and encouraged the team of democrats to remain united

Vlad Plahotniuc resigned as Chairman of PDM and encouraged the team of democrats to remain united

Dear friends,


These days I have been thinking about the situation that the Democratic Party is going through and about what myself, personally, should do to allow the party evolve most actively and professionally in opposition, to assist in creating stability in the country.


As all, including the external partners, have noted, PDM has peacefully carried out the transfer of power, maintaining order and balance, without exposing citizens to risks. Although we had objections as regards the way in which the new alliance has been created and as regards its objectives, we considered that political differences must not be settled with the price of destabilizing the country, the more so as there have been political solutions and the citizens should not have suffered.


Despite this constructive approach, the Democratic Party is under enormous pressure now, because some have engaged the wrong target. They want to fight me, but they are fighting the party, which I believe is no good both for PDM and for the pro-European parties from the current alliance.


The Democratic Party ended up in opposition because we made the decision not to enter an alliance with a party attempting to impose a foreign agenda in our country, contrary to the interests of Moldovan citizens. If there is a political cost to it, then the party must take responsibility for it and go forward with dignity. Time will show that our decision was right in a situation where we could have exposed the Republic of Moldova and its citizens to risk in the long run.


It is one thing to have the party pay the political price for this decision and a different thing is to allow abuse and retaliation against party's people and officials from various state institutions who have nothing to do with the party. Those who want political retaliation are welcome to have me as a target. I am fully available to be targeted by any kind of abuse, but do not go to war with my fellow party men and women, with members of the party's parliamentary faction. Even if they are not in government, they are certainly playing an important role in maintaining stability, independence and the Euro-Atlantic vector of the country's development.


I am aware that some feel euphoric today, while others are full of resentment and wish to revenge. All these shall pass, but the problems of the country will remain and must be solved. If members of the Democratic Party's parliamentary faction are blackmailed and pressured, the faction may become vulnerable, which could be a disadvantage even to those who are committing abuse and political pressure today.


Pro-European parties from the Parliament are saying that they refused to talk to the Democratic Party because they have a problem with me, me being the Chairman of the party. Let me remove this obstacle for the future and come up with a decision that will make it clear that the Democratic Party does not depend on a single individual. That it does not depend on me. I resigned today as Chairman of PDM and I proposed to my colleagues to convene the party’s congress as soon as possible, in order to elect a new chairmanship and approve a new political program. Moreover, to shut down any speculations, I decided to no longer run for any position within the party in the following congress.


I made this decision because the Democratic Party also needs a new political project in opposition, a project that would be developed based on new realities, by the new leadership team.


As for the MP mandate, it has to do first with respect for people's votes. It is the mandate that accumulated the greatest number of votes in Moldova at the elections in February. I do not want this mandate for immunity or anything else. People gave it to me and any decision with regard to it must be made together with them. The mandate belongs to the citizens from Nisporeni, not to me or anyone else.


I had the honour to lead the Democratic Party at a time of important performances in government, at a time when it scored the best electoral result in its history. These results would be fulfilling for any politician. However, all these were possible thanks to the extraordinary team of the party and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my colleagues, to our supporters for backing me during the exercise of Democratic Party’s chairmanship mandate.


I am convinced that the new leadership that will be elected at the congress will achieve political performance. For the benefit of the party and of the country, I wish that their results be even better than the ones achieved during my mandate.


Vladimir Plahotniuc