Democratic Party of Moldova

NEWS UPDATE | June 2017

This issue highlights breaking news that Moldovan authorities believe that Russian diplomats in Moldova were serving as spies to recruit fighters for Moscow-based separatists in Ukraine. Moldovan authorities expelled these diplomats last month.

This issue also features a report on the PDM's legislation to curb Russian propaganda; an interview from PDM President Vladimir Plahotniuc on Moldova's progress and the commitment to institute reforms to reduce corruption; a look at music and free expression in Moldova under the looming specter of Russia; and an interview of Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur on Moldova's engagement with the West. We hope you enjoy it!


Exclusive: Russian Diplomats Expelled From Moldova Recruited Fighters

Matthias Williams, Reuters | 06.13.17

Moldovan authorities suspect that five Russian diplomats expelled from Moldova last month were spies who were recruiting fighters for the Moscow-backed insurgency in neighboring Ukraine. Read More


Russia expels five Moldovan diplomats in tit-for-tat move

BBC | 05.31.17

Following Moldova's expulsion of five Russian diplomats for espionage, Moscow ordered five Moldovan diplomats to leave Russia. Read More


PDM to introduce legislation to curb Russian propaganda

UA Wire | 06.14.17

The Democratic Party of Moldova intends to introduce legislation in parliament to combat foreign propaganda, including Russian propaganda. Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu said that there are plans to stop broadcasting "news and political and analytical programs" produced by Russian TV channels. Read More


Young people in Moldova dance away their frustrations as a threatening Russia lurks

Glen Johnson, Los Angeles Times | 05.28.17

Russia's specter looms, but music and free expression still flourish in Moldova, especially at Spalatorie, a basement theater and alternative music venue in downtown Chisinau. Read More


PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc: All the referendums proposed by Dodon are challenges to the government

Crime Moldova | 05.24.17

In this interview, PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc speaks about the PDM’s continued commitment to reforms and efforts to eliminate corruption and Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s attempts to derail Chisinau’s progress. Read More


Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur: Pro-Moscow camp only offers short-term solutions

Lucia Yar, Euractiv | 06.06.17

In this interview, Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur discusses the EU's €335 million aid package for Moldova, the country’s political environment and Chisinau’s increased engagement with the West. Read More


Vlad Plahotniuc: PDM submits bill on combating Russian propaganda in Parliament | 06.13.17

PDM president Vlad Plahotniuc has announced that the PDM will submit legislation to curb foreign propaganda from appearing in Moldovan media, citing a need to eliminate Russian propaganda in particular. Read More


European Council endorses agreement on financial assistance

European Council | 06.15.17

EU ambassadors have endorsed an agreement reached with the European Parliament on macro-financial assistance for the Republic of Moldova. Up to €100 million is provided for in EU assistance - of this, €60 million was agreed in loans and €40 million in the form of grants. This will supplement resources provided by the IMF and other multilateral institutions. Read More


Workshop organized by OSCE Mission to Moldova strengthens co-ordination of anti-trafficking activities

OSCE | 05.18.17

The OSCE Mission to Moldova held a two-day practical workshop aimed at enhancing the coordination of the country’s anti-trafficking activities at the national and local levels. Read More


Amnesty International Criticizes Moldovan President's Anti-Gay Comments

Radio Free Europe | 05.23.17

The Moldova branch of Amnesty International criticizes President Dodon for his recent statement saying that he is “not the president” of the country’s gay community.  President Dodon's statement stands in stark contrast to the PDM's commitment to a tolerant society based on liberal principles. Read More


Moldova, Ukraine begin joint control of the Cuciurgan-Pervomaisc crossing point

Crime Moldova | 05.31.17

Joint Moldovan and Ukrainian control of the Cuciurgan-Pervomaisc border crossing point began on May 31, 2017 as part of a Moldovan-Ukrainian agreement on the joint control of persons, means of transport and goods crossing the Moldova-Ukrainian border. Read More


Air Moldova receives second A319

Russian Aviation Insider | 05.24.17

Air Moldova has added an Airbus A319 narrowbody to its fleet. The 150-seat airliner was delivered to the Moldovan flagship carrier’s base at Chisinau airport last week. Read More



Democratic Party of Moldova

NEWS UPDATE | March 2017

This issue of our newsletter highlights an announcement of new investments from Texas-based Frontera Resources to develop Moldova’s hydrocarbon industry, recent statements from PDM party chairman Vladimir Plahotniuc and PM Pavel Filip reiterating the Government of Moldova’s commitment to the West and the European Union. as well as NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller reaffirming support for the governing coalition’s reforms and NATO's plans to open a liaison office in Chișinău.

Other notable news includes cases of Russian security services harassing Moldovan government officials; Moldovan intelligence services neutralizing an extremist group; The Economist’s positive assessment of the Moldovan economy; additional financial assistance from the IMF; Speaker Candu's recent meetings with his counterparts in Germany and the UK; and Mr. Plahotniuc encouraging Moldovan youth to increase civic engagement. We hope you enjoy it!


Houston-based Frontera Resources signs agreement with the Government of Moldova to begin energy exploration

Frontera Resources | 03.03.17

Frontera Resources has signed an agreement with the PDM-led coalition government certifying Frontera's exclusive right to explore, produce and develop hydrocarbon resources in a large section of southern Moldova. Read More


PDM Chairman Vladimir Plahotniuc counters President Igor Dodon's anti-West comments

Statement from the PDM | 02.07.17

The PDM countered President Dodon’s anti-West comments during his recent trip to Brussels and reconfirmed that Moldova’s relationships with the EU and the IMF are key components of the country’s foreign policy and development strategy. Read More


NATO Deputy Secretary General reaffirms plans to open liaison office in Chișinău, despite President Dodon's claims | 02.08.17

NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller reconfirmed that the alliance will open a new civilian liaison office in Chișinău this year to facilitate continued support for the country’s reforms. Ms. Gottemoeller also thanked Moldova for it commitment to NATO’s KFOR peacekeeping mission and noted the importance of NATO-Moldova training exercises. Read More


Russia intimidating Moldovan officials over corruption probe

Alison Mutler, Associated Press | 03.09.17

Speaker of Parliament and PDM member Andrian Candu authorized a parliamentary statement which asserts that Russian intelligence agents have "abusively stopped...interrogated and treated in a humiliating manner" 25 Moldovan lawmakers, intelligence officals and pro-European politicians in recent months. The harrassment is due to an ongoing probe by Moldovan officials into a $22 billion laundering case involving money sent from Russia. Read More


Chairman Plahotniuc proposes electoral reforms: allowing the uninominal vote and the recall of MPs | 03.06.17

At a press conference on Monday, Chairman Plahotniuc pushed for more reforms for Moldova's electoral system. In particular, he has voiced the PDM's support for reforms which would allow for the direct election of Members of parliament and the recall of Members by their consituents. Read More


Moldova breaks up extremist Islamic group

Associated Press | 02.15.17

Moldova's intelligence agency has broken up a suspected extremist Islamic group that was spreading propaganda online and whose members had illegal weapons. Read More


How Moldova escaped the effects of the banking crisis

The Economist | 02.16.17

Since the 2014 banking crisis, the PDM-led coalition government has helped shepherd the country forward through extensive reforms to combat corruption, improve the business environment and make the economy more transparent the economy. This progress has also been vital for Moldova to secure financial assistance from the EU and the IMF. Read More


IMF raises Moldova's 2017 GDP growth forecast, reaches new staff-level agreement on $21.2 million loan

IMF | 02.28.17

In light of Moldova’s continued economic growth and progress reforms, led by the PDM and the governing coalition, the IMF has increased its 2017 GDP forecast for Moldova to 4.5 percent, up from 3 percent. The IMF also recent reached a staff-level agreement to offer an additional$21.2 million loan to Moldova to support further economic development. Read More


Moldova discourages officials from visiting Russia after harasment from Moscow security services

Matthias Williams, Reuters | 03.09.17

As a result of instances Russia’s security services harassing and attempting to intimidate Moldovan government officials visiting Russia, the Government of Moldova has asked its officials to abstain from further trips for the time being. Moscow’s poor treatment of Moldovan officials is thought to a response to an ongoing investigation of a scheme to launder $22 billion of Russian money through Moldova's financial system. Read More


PDM Chairman Vladimir Plahotniuc reaches out to Moldova's youth to increase civic engagement | 02.08.17

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the PDM on February 7, President of the PDM Vladimir Plahotniuc held an informal meeting with younger members of the PDM, reminding them that its success is due to its members' strong engagement in public life - running for office, voting and advocating the PDM's platform: to establish a government that protects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and is attentive to the needs of Moldova's citizens. Read More


Prime Minister Pavel Filip meets with U.S. Ambassador | 02.17.17

U.S. Ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit, recently met with Prime Minister Pavel Filip to mark the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Moldova. At the meeting, Prime Minister Filip emphasized how crucial the US's support has been in helping the PDM stabilize Moldova's economy as it looks to increase trade ties with the US and the EU.  Read More


Speaker Candu, President of the German Bundestag discuss reforms, cooperation

Moldpres | 03.08.17

Speaker of Parliament and PDM member Andrian Candu recently met with his counterpart, the president of the German Bundestag, Norbert Lammert. They discussed the relaunch of political dialogue and reforms implemented by Moldova to strengthen institituions and continue economic development. Read More


Speaker Candu meets with Speaker of the UK House of Commons in London | 02.08.17

Andrian Candu met with the Speaker of the UK House of Commons in London to discuss continuing good relations and cultivating an even deeper relationship between the UK and Moldova. Speaker Bercow congratulated Speaker Candu for his work in strengthening Moldova's democratic institutions, fighting coruption and embracing free trade. Read More


US to provide Moldova with $21 million for agriculture development

UKR Agro Consult | 03.07.17

The US Agency for International Development is slated to provide $21 million in aid to improve agriculture in Moldova. Agriculture is the bedrock of Moldova's economy, with farmers producing and exporting apples, wheat, soybeans and world-renowned wines. Read More



Democratic Party of Moldova

NEWS UPDATE | January 2017


Happy New Year! The Democratic Party of Moldova looks forward to a 2017 focused on increased relations with the West and continued growth and prosperity for Moldova.

Our party convention on the 24th of December saw the election of Vlad Plahotniuc as Chairman of the PDM. Under Mr. Plahotniuc’s leadership, the PDM remains committed to implementing robust reforms, ensuring good governance and fighting corruption, and strengthening bilateral relations with the European Union and the United States. Mr. Plahotniuc discussed these goals and the importance for stronger ties between Moldova and the United States in an op-ed, highlighted in the newsletter below.

Also in December, Congressman David Price (NC-04), the co-chair of the Congressional Moldova Caucus, issued a statement celebrating the 25th anniversary of US-Moldova diplomatic relations and urging greater partnership between the two nations.

This issue of the newsletter also highlights US Ambassador to Moldova James Pettit’s recent statements supporting the Moldovan government’s recent reforms; a new 45 million euros grant from the European Union to Moldova and the EU’s support for the government`s efforts to restore economic stability and enact reform; an article on a loan of $45 million to help Moldova improve business and banking regulation; and an article on a recent meeting between the newly elected, pro-Russia president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, and the president of the separatist region of Transnistria, which is currently occupied by Russian soldiers. We hope you enjoy it!


A message for Trump and the US: Moldova wants to be a bridge, not a battleground, between East and West

FOX News, Vladimir Plahotniuc | 1.7.17


As a small, landlocked former Soviet Republic, sandwiched between NATO nations to the West and Ukraine to the East, Moldova clearly has a lot riding on any American reconciliation with Russia. And while the last thing we want is to weaken our moorings to the West, we are optimistic that President-elect Trump’s vision can positively transform the security environment in our region. Read More


Congressman David Price urges strengthened relationship between US and Moldova

Rep. David Price | 12.20.16


Congressman David E. Price (NC-04), co-chair of the Congressional Moldova Caucus, released a statement marking the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and Moldova and called for strengthening bilateral relations. Read More


Vlad Plahotniuc becomes new chairman of Democratic Party | 12.24.16


The Democratic Party of Moldova convened on December 24th at the eighth party congress, where party members elected Vlad Plahotniuc as chairman. Read More


US ambassador to Moldova supports reforms implemented by Moldovan government | 12.22.16


US Ambassador to Moldova James Pettit expressed his support for the Moldovan government’s reform agenda and commitment to advancing the country’s development. Read More


After IMF, EU disburses 45 million euros in aid to Moldova

Reuters | 12.21.16


The European Commission announced 45.3 million euros ($47 million) in aid to Moldova, noting the government`s efforts to restore economic stability and reform an opaque banking system. This follows the International Monetary Fund`s decision to approve a three-year loan program for Moldova in November, worth $178.7 million. Read More


UN Moldova marks outstanding achievements in human rights in 2016

United Nations in Moldova | 12.10.16


The UN Gala of Human Rights Awards, held each year on International Human Rights Day recognized six organizations and people for the most valuable, innovative, effective and participatory initiatives and actions to protect and promote human rights in Moldova in 2016. Read More


World Bank lends Moldova $45 million to boost transparency in business, banking

D.F. Shapinsky, SeeNews | 12.19.16


The World Bank announced that it is lending Moldova $45 million (43 million euros) for increased transparency in the business and banking sectors and for more efficiency in public spending. The loan is part of a program which aims to help Moldova make business regulation more transparent and less burdensome, improve bank regulation and supervision, and spend public money more efficiently. Read More


European Union supports the development of the energy sector in the Republic of Moldova

United Nations Development Program | 12.08.16


A delegation from Moldova was invited to share a presentation before Members of the European Parliament on the impact of EU investments in energy and biomass projects. These projects have laid the foundation for the development of Moldova`s renewable energy industry.  Read More


US Embassy congratulates Moldova on 25-year-anniversary of diplomatic relations | 12.25.16


US Embassy congratulated Moldova on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations. On 25 December 1991 the United States recognized the independence of Moldova, and a year later opened an embassy in Chisinau. During this time, the United States supported Moldova`s embrace of democratic reforms and integration into the European community. Read More


Civil Society Leaders from Moldova Highlight Importance of Political Engagement to Advance Rule of Law, Counter Russian Misinformation

Democracy International Blog | 12.13.16


Democracy International recently hosted a delegation of civil society leaders from the Republic of Moldova to discuss recent electoral developments, the status of civil society organizations, rule of law reforms, the current media landscape, and the roles of the Russian Federation and the European Union. Read More


Cabinet approves national action plan to implement Moldova-EU Association Agreement in 2017-2019

Government of the Republic of Moldova | 12.28.16


The cabinet recently approved a national action plan on the implementation of the Moldova – European Union Association Agreement in 2017-2019. This plan sets the principal measures that will soon be undertaken by the authorities to fulfill commitments to European institutions, including those concerning the adjustment of national legislation in accordance with the total body of EU law. Read More


President of separatist Transnistria: rhetoric of the Moldovan authorities against Russian peacekeepers has changed

Novosti Pridnestrovya | 1.4.17


The president of the separatist region of Transnistria declared that the rhetoric of the Moldovan government concerning the presence of Russian soldiers in Transnistria has changed drastically following the election of Igor Dodon as president of Moldova. Dodon, a member of the pro-Russia Socialist Party, met last week with the president of Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoselsky. Read More



Democratic Party of Moldova




On November 13, 2016, Igor Dodon was elected President of the Republic of Moldova in the country’s first direct presidential election in 20 years. Mr. Dodon, of the pro-Russian Socialist party, was elected in the second round of elections, receiving 834,081 votes (52.11 percent) over the pro-European Action and Solidarity party candidate Maia Sandu, who received 766,593 votes (47.89 percent). International monitors declared that the presidential election was transparent and organized according to international standards.

The Democratic Party of Moldova, which leads the ruling coalition in the government, remains committed to keeping Moldova on its pro-reform, pro-Europe path. Prime Minister Pavel Filip reiterated this and said, “Moldova’s Association Agreement with the European Union and the progress we have made with reforms are both irreversible and in line with national interest.” Andrian Candu, Speaker of the Parliament, commented on the country having a pro-Russia president and pro-Europe government, saying, “The parliament and the government are committed to working with the newly elected president, as defined by the Constitution. We are confident that the Republic of Moldova will remain on its pro-reform, pro-Europe course.”

A recent delegation of PDM senior officials visited Washington, DC to meet with US government stakeholders, the media, cultural leaders and think tank scholars. The delegation echoed Prime Minister Filip and Speaker Candu’s statements, stressing that the PDM will continue to push forward on reforms and growth while serving as a stabilizing force in Moldova.


This issue of our newsletter includes an interview with Vladimir Plahotniuc, Deputy Chairman of the PDM and executive coordinator of the ruling coalition, the announcement of new EU grants for Moldovan projects and updates from Prime Minister Pavel Filip's meetings in Brussels, news of President-elect Igor Dodon's upcoming trip to Moscow and articles on Moldova's booming wine industry and Transnistria's economic environment. We hope you enjoy it!


PDM's Vladimir Plahotniuc expects Moldova to remain on EU path

Reuters, Matthias Williams | 11.11.16


In an interview with Reuters, Vladimir Plahotniuc stated that the PDM is confident Moldova will “be able to maintain both the stability and geopolitical path of the country, namely EU integration,” despite the election of pro-Russian Igor Dodon as president. Mr. Plahotniuc also said that he plans to step away from politics and return to the business world once the economy strengthens, seeing himself in political life as a "crisis manager" helping keep Moldova on its pro-European path. Read More


The EU supports Moldovan reforms: Moldova will receive a 40 million euro grant | 11.29.16


During a visit to Brussels, Prime Minister Pavel Filip announced new EU grants for several Moldovan projects and stated that EU officials plan to visit Moldova in early 2017. Read More


Moldova PM to Brussels: We still love EU

Politico Europe, Carmen Paun | 11.29.16


Prime Minister Filip reiterated to EU and NATO leaders that Moldova is still firmly on westward trajectory and remains committed to the association agreement between the EU and Moldova. Read More


NATO Secretary General and PM Filip meet in Brussels | 11.30.16


During the bilateral meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed the alliance’s support for Moldova, noting that the country’s stability and prosperity is important for NATO. The two leaders also announced plans to open a new NATO Liaison Office in Chisinau. Read More


Russian diplomat confirms Dodon's visit to Moscow late in November

TASS | 11.21.16


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and State Secretary Grigory Karasin told TASS that Moldova’s President-elect Igor Dodon will visit Russia in late November. This trip will be the president-elect’s first international meeting after his election, signaling Mr. Dodon’s close ties to Moscow. Read More


Moldova's growing wine ambitions

EuroNews | 10.26.16


Moldova's wine producers are working together to increase exports and promote Moldovan wines. They have set up a National Office for Wine and Vineyards and have formulated a strategic plan to improve and promote Moldovan wine. Read More


Economic update on Transnistria | 11.22.16


A recent update on the economic situation in Transnistria stated that deposits in foreign currency have reduced by 7 million percent. Read More



Democratic Party of Moldova



Election at a Glance


  • Voters: 2.8 million Moldovan citizens are eligible to vote in the country; 360 citizens are currently registered with the consular office and many more voters are expected
  • Election Monitors: 2,153 domestic and 137 international monitors
  • Polling Stations: There are 2,082 polling stations across Moldova; 100 polling stations abroad
  • Poll Hours: Polls will be open Sunday, October 30 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Visit the PDM website for more information


Overview of the Presidential Election Process


The Republic of Moldova is a vibrant democracy committed to a free, fair and transparent electoral process that reflects the will of its people. On October 30, 2016, Moldovan citizens will go to the polls to vote in the first direct election for president in 20 years. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in the first round, the two top finishers will compete in a runoff election on November 13, 2016.

The electoral process is managed by the Central Election Commission (CEC), which operates permanently under a dedicated law. The Commission consists of nine members, eight of whom are appointed by the Parliament and one by the President. Parliamentary appointments are made based on the principle of proportional representation of the majority and of the opposition. The CEC is the absolute independent electoral authority within its legal framework and collaborates with other state authorities throughout the government to ensure fair and transparent elections.

The election process began on August 31, 2016, the first day that initiative groups (political parties and coalitions) could register with the CEC in order to support their candidates in the presidential election. A total of 24 initiative groups registered, out of which 16 submitted the lists of subscribers for their candidates; these lists consist of a minimum of 15,000 authentic signatures from Moldovan citizens expressing their support for the candidate. Upon a thorough vetting and verification process by the CEC, four lists of subscribers were rejected from this round due to deficiencies in the collected signatures. The process concluded with 12 candidates officially registered for the presidential election.


12 Presidential Candidates from Across the Political Spectrum


The registered presidential candidates cover the entire political spectrum. There are party and independent candidates, candidates from both the governing and the opposition parties, candidates from parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties, candidates representing the left, center and right and both male and female candidates. Some candidates are advocating for Moldova to move closer to the European Union, some favor rapprochement with the Russian Federation and others support unification with Romania.


Election Observers and International Support for Moldova’s Free and Fair Elections


Prime Minister Pavel Filip has reiterated repeatedly that the government is committed to guaranteeing free and fair elections and is actively working with external entities and individuals to supervise the electoral process. For example, on September 29, 2016 Prime Minister Filip met with a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) delegation, led by Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter. The delegation visited Moldova to monitor the preparations for the presidential election. During the meeting, the Prime Minister reiterated Moldova’s support for free and fair elections, stating that: "In my capacity as Prime Minister, I am the most preoccupied with ensuring fair and transparent elections, and claims that these elections could be fraudulent are unfounded. I`m sure the elections in Moldova, given the system that we have, cannot be schemed, and in order to reassure the citizens, there will be more international observers accredited. From a technical standpoint, everything is covered."

At the beginning of October, 50 international accredited observers, including 20 from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and another 10 applications were being processed. In total, Moldova will have 2,220 registered election observers, with a significant number of observers from PromoLEX Association, an independent non-governmental organization that is experienced with supervising electoral processes in Moldova. Notably, PromoLEX sponsors include the Council of Europe, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Moldova, OSCE Mission to Moldova, the EU Delegation in Moldova, US Embassy, the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA), and Moldova’s representative from the US-based National Democratic Institute (NDI).

Applications for accreditation for election observers continue to be accepted and thus far no request has been rejected. In addition, the member parties of the governing coalition have publicly called for the elections to be monitored by as many foreign observers as possible. Moreover, each political competitor and faction is able to appoint its own observers at the polling station for more efficiency in monitoring the elections.

Past elections in Moldova, including the 2014 parliamentary elections and local elections in 2015, have also been considered fair by the accredited observers.


Ensuring a Transparent and Fair Voting Process


Moldova maintains a State Registry of the Population, which was used to create the State Registry of Voters, a database of Moldovan citizens that the right to vote in the upcoming election. The CEC, in collaboration with other institutions, have thoroughly reviewed the registries in order to address the issue of deceased persons still present in the State Registry of the Population; this review removed approximately 500 names from the registry. While it is possible that such cases could occur again, ongoing efforts by the CEC and other institutions will ensure that the State Registry of Voters is constantly updated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has organized approximately 100 polling stations to ensure that Moldovan citizens living abroad have the opportunity to vote in the presidential election. These polling stations have been coordinated based on records issued by embassies, previous recorded attendance in the parliamentary elections of 2014 and the number of citizens living abroad that have registered prior to the presidential elections, according to CEC regulations. Based on the Moldovan diaspora, the majority of polling stations are located in Italy, Romania and Russia. In this regard budgetary resources will be allocated and people will be delegated from the central administration of the Ministry to manage the polling stations.

While Moldovan citizens living abroad can register in advance to vote, it is not required, as any Moldovan citizen living abroad is able to present their passport to qualify to vote, without any prior registration. It is important to note this is similar to the situation for domestic voting, as Moldovan citizens do not require prior registration to vote. Students that have temporary residence visas while studying abroad can also vote where they live.

In addition, on election day in Moldova, all individuals that vote will be electronically verified in order to prevent multiple voting.



Democratic Party of Moldova


Welcome to the latest edition of the Democratic Party of Moldova’s newsletter. This issue includes an op-ed by Deputy Chairman Vladimir Plahotniuc on why Moldova belongs in the European Union; a readout of a meeting between Andrian Candu, the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan; an article on a joint training exercise between the North Carolina National Guard and Moldovan military forces; and more on efforts in Moldova to increase the empowerment of women in politics. We hope you enjoy it!


Moldova belongs in the European Union, now more than ever

Politico Europe, Vladimir Plahotniuc, First Deputy Chairman, Democratic Party of Moldova | 10.02.16


At a time when British voters have chosen to leave the European Union and politicians in other countries across the region are calling for similar referendums, my country — Moldova — wants to move in the opposite direction. Read More


Moldova official says Russia meddling in presidential race

Associated Press | 10.04.16

The speaker of Moldova's parliament accused Russia Tuesday of meddling in the country's politics ahead of a presidential election that could cement the former Soviet republic as a contender for European Union membership or further Russian control. Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu said the government thinks "the Russians are financing political parties and leaders" and backing anti-government protests. Candu told The Associated Press that Moldova's leaders also suspect Russia of "manipulating media outlets and doing propaganda." Read More


U.S. speaker accepts Moldovan counterpart's invitation to visit Moldova | 09.30.16

Andrian Candu, Speaker of Moldova’s Parliament, had a productive meeting with US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan during his visit to Washington, DC. The two leaders discussed Moldova’s commitment to European integration and implementing reforms, recent IMF pledges and opportunities to increase and strengthen the US-Moldova bilateral relationship. Read More


Putin’s Next Target

The Wall Street Journal | 09.13.16

Western attention has been fixed on Ukraine as the field of Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Europe. But now the Kremlin is turning its attention to small, impoverished Moldova, where Moscow controls a breakaway territory called Transnistria. It bears attention lest another Russian power play come to pass. Read More


Moscow Looks to Gain in Moldova’s Election Amid Anger Over Corruption

Foreign Policy | 09.26.16

A $1 billion theft from Moldova’s banks could tilt the country back towards Moscow, but Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur says the government's strong steps to curb corruption are having an impact. “The fraud itself, while extremely negative, did have a positive side in forcing us to show our people and Western partners that we are trying to tackle this,” he said in an interview. Read More


Poll: PDM exceeds PAS, PN and PDA | 09.28.16

The PDM’s presidential candidate, Marian Lupu, is gaining in the polls and is tied with Maia Sanda, the Party of Action and Solidarity party candidate, and the “Dignity and Truth” party of Andrei Nastase. The recent polls were conducted by CBS at the order of the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives. Read More


Moldovan women make history as political leaders

The Huffington Post | 09.27.16

UN Women-UNDP collaboration with the government and the Parliament contributed towards the adoption of a new law on 14 April, 2016, which for the first time, introduced gender quotas for party list candidates and cabinet nominees. Law No. 71 says that women and men must each make up a minimum of 40 per cent of every political party’s candidates and of cabinet nominees, and amends 15 other national laws. It also introduces 14 days paid paternity leave, prohibits sexist language and images in the media and advertising, and establishes a Gender Equality Coordination Group in the central public administration. Read More


National Guard troops train in Moldova

The Fayetteville Observer | 09.18.16

In September, Soldiers from the North Carolina National Guard trained in Moldova as part of a multinational exercise that builds on a longstanding partnership between the state of North Carolina and the small eastern European country. Read More


Ample searches in many trial courts throughout Moldova, 15 Judges detained | 10.05.16

Moldova's National Anti-corruption Centre officers and anti-corruption prosecutors are conducting investigations in trial courts throughout the country in connection to persons linked to corruption cases.Fifteen judges have been detained in connection to these corruption cases. Read More


Johannes Hahn visits the Republic of Moldova

The European Commission | 09.23.16

Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, will visit Moldova on Monday 26 September. He will meet Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu, Prime Minister Pavel Filip, Governor of the National Bank Sergiu Cioclea and key Government Ministers. Read More


Separatists say Russian troops staging exercises in Moldova

The Associated Press | 09.28.16

Recent news cites that Russian troops have begun another round of military exercises in Transnistria, a breakaway region in eastern Moldova. Novosti Pridnestrovya quoted a Russian defense ministry statement from last week stating that 300 Russian troops began a week of exercises in the region. Read More


Moldova's economy grows by real 1.8% y/y in Q2

See News | 09.15.16

Moldova's economy expanded by 1.8% year-on-year in real terms in the second quarter of 2016, mainly on the back of successful performance of the wholesale and retail sector, the country's statistics office said in September. Read More




Democracy In Rwanda Now


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Democratic Party of Moldova’s newsletter. The PDM will send this news update occasionally to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the Republic of Moldova. This issue of the newsletter includes an op-ed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip on Moldova’s reformist government and path to the European Union, another op-ed by Speaker Andrian Candu on the country’s fight against corruption, a news story about the IMF staff-level agreement for a $179 million, 3-year loan for Moldova, and a feature story on celebrating Moldovan cuisine in North Dakota. We hope you enjoy it!

West Is Critical to Moldova`s Free-Market Democracy

The Hill, Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of Moldova | 08.16.16


My country, Moldova, has long been forced to steer between Russia and the West. For Americans who cannot find Moldova on a map, here`s why that matters: On October 30, Moldova`s voters will elect a new President who favors either remaining on the pro-Western government`s path toward the European Union (EU) or veering more closely toward Russia`s orbit. Read More


The Fight Against Corruption in Eastern Europe

The Daily Caller, Andrian Candu, Speaker, Parliament of Moldova | 08.31.16

Last January, tens of thousands of protestors rallied in front of the Parliament building in Moldova`s capital city of Chisinau. The demonstrators were infuriated by the embezzlement of $1 billion – almost one-eighth of our entire Gross Domestic Product – from three of our major banks, as well as pervasive corruption in the political system. Read More


IMF Reaches Staff-Level Accord with Moldova for $179M Loan

Associated Press | 07.26.16

The International Monetary Fund reached an agreement Tuesday with Moldova for a $179 million, 3-year loan arrangement conditional on the government carrying out reforms. The IMF said its staff members have reached a "staff-level agreement on an economic reform program" with Moldovan authorities to be supported by the credit facility. Read More


Romanian PM Says First Loan to Moldova Has Been Paid

Associated Press | 08.25.16

Romania`s prime minister says his country has paid 60 million euros ($68 million) to Moldova, the first part of a larger loan, and urged the government to continue making reforms. In July, the International Monetary Fund reached an agreement with Moldova for a $179 million, 3-year loan arrangement conditional on the government carrying out reforms. Read More


Moldova’s Prime Minister Committed to a Pro-Europe Path

The Atlantic Council | 09.13.16

Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip said his government is committed to European integration and expressed the hope that the country’s next president will share that same commitment. Read More


Grenell: Russia Interfering in Moldovan Elections

Newsmax, Richard Grenell | 09.12.16

Most Americans have never heard of Mihail Gofman. But the former Moldovan official is hiding out in the United States to evade the Moldovan Ministry of Justice, which has issued multiple arrest warrants for his return. Read More


PM Pavel Filip: Moldova Seeks Getting Connected to European Energy Grids

Act Media | 08.26.16

The Republic of Moldova seeks getting connected to European energy grids and to this end, the relevant cooperation with Romania will be sped up, Moldovan PM Pavel Filip said on Thursday after the meeting with his Romanian counterpart Dacian Ciolos, who is paying an official visit to Chisinau. Read More


Moldovans Gain Strength from Visiting Idaho Credit Unions

Rexburg Standard Journal | 08.25.16

Moldovan credit union executives and board members spent Monday visiting various branches of credit unions in Idaho as part of a weeklong trip to learn from counterparts here. The trip the Moldovan credit union executives and board members took to Idaho this week is part of a partnership established through the World Council of Credit Unions. It comes after representatives from four Idaho credit unions visited Moldova earlier this year. Read More


North Dakota Woman Writing Cookbook Featuring Cuisine of Moldova

Grand Forks Herald | 08.03.16

What’s the best way to share one’s culture? Elena Martinez of Dickinson suggests it’s by preparing traditional foods. Elena celebrated the culture of her native country of Moldova by setting up a food booth at the recent Ukrainian Festival in Dickinson. Read More