Democratic Party of Moldova


DPM’s programme objectives

The DPM aims to achieve the following political objectives, according to its core values and the needs of sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova:

1. Consolidation of the constitutional order in the state, guaranteeing respect for political, economic and social human rights in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and other international legal instruments;

2. Building and confirmation in the Republic of Moldova of a civil nation according to the principle „we are all Moldovans as citizens of the Republic of Moldova”, while respecting the right of every citizen to ethnic self-identification;

3. Completion of the process of territorial reintegration of the Republic of Moldova through political decisions, in a peaceful manner;

4. Assignment of a socially active role to the state, which through strong institutions should become a balancing force in society. The state is the one who should take care to ensure public welfare, to perform the tasks of common interest, to promote justice and solidarity in society. The attributes of strong public institutions are good governance, law and transparency;

5. Reformation and modernization of local and central public administration, whose activity needs to be aligned with the interests of the country and oriented towards serving citizens;

6. Implementation in the Republic of Moldova of the concept of a powerful social state that plays a key role in protecting against social risks, in ensuring economic and social well-being of its citizens, focusing on education, research, innovation, culture and adherence to national values;

7. Enforcement of the right of citizens to work and of the right to build their own future in economic and social security. In this regard, the DPM believes that the state is obliged to invest in the citizen and ensure well-paid jobs and continuous professional training of citizens;

8. Establishment of a fair system of redistribution of state revenues aimed at providing decent living conditions for people unable to work (children, elderly people, disabled people, etc.). It is necessary to develop and use the resources of society to ensure equal rights, to give everyone a chance to create their own destiny, to reduce economic inequalities, to fight poverty and ensure social justice;

9. Development of a optimal set of programmes for the social protection of vulnerable social groups, paying great attention to development and promotion of policies of social inclusion and employment of disabled people;

10. Establishment of an effective health care and education system, to which every citizen should have access, regardless of available financial resources;

11. Diversification and development of modern programmes for training and adoption of young people in conjunction with the policies based on the active ageing concept;

12. Guaranteeing the right to private property and ensuring free and fair competition as the basis of the market economy, human dignity and security. Private property is an economic expression of a free initiative of the citizen and a key factor in overall economic progress, individual and collective well-being;

13. Consolidation of representative democracy to lend more credibility to institutions and to ensure citizens the right to free expression and participation in decision-making processes;

14. Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the right to cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic identity of citizens of the Republic of Moldova. We seek to combat and condemn any kind of extremism, manifestations of racism, chauvinism, ethnic or territorial separatism;

15. Ensuring equal opportunities between men and women, acknowledgment of women’s role in the family and Moldovan society, support and promotion of gender equality in the decisive structures of the party and the state;

16. Development of an equitable tax system aimed at guaranteeing security and helping reduce social tensions, as well as facilitate economic development;

17. Application of economic policies aimed at sustainable and uniform economic growth throughout the country based on innovation, productivity and competitiveness, creating conditions to generate revenues in budgets of all levels sufficient to ensure the implementation of social policies, as well as the well-being of the population;

18. Development of a competitive mixed economy, aimed at combining a dynamic private system, an effective public sector and a system of quality services available to citizens. Combination of efforts of these sectors, including by applying the concept of Private Public Partnership;

19. Implementation of the sustainable development principle aimed at meeting current needs. Conservation of environment which is threatened by human activities, risks of climate change and loss of biodiversity. The state must respond to the current needs of society in a manner that does not negatively affect the future of new generations;

20. Strengthening of the constitutional status of permanent neutrality;

21. Promotion of a balanced foreign policy aimed at ensuring the image and interests of the Republic of Moldova in the regional and global context, by integrating the Republic of Moldova into the European Union and developing cooperation with the CIS countries.