Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

27 November 2018

PDM decided that pensioners with low pensions will receive a one-time holiday aid of 600 MDL, and that the compensation paid to social-vulnerable families to cover the cost of heating will be increase

PDM decided that pensioners with low pensions will receive a one-time holiday aid of 600 MDL, and that the compensation paid to social-vulnerable families to cover the cost of heating will be increase

The members of the Democratic Party of Moldova, reunited today during the DPM weekly meeting, debated a list of important social issues and reached a number of decisions in this regard, especially since both the parliamentary session and the year 2018 are coming to an end.

Vlad Plahotniuc, the PDM chairman announced that following the today’s debates, it has been suggested that pensioners that receive a monthly pension of less than 2000 MDL, should receive in December a one-time holiday aid amounting to 600 MDL.  More than 500 thousand pensioners will receive this financial aid starting from the second half of December 2018.  The Democratic Party aims to provide such aid on winter holidays every year from now on.

Another issue discussed at today’s meeting, concerns the increase of the financial compensation for covering the heating bills, which will be increased by approximately 12%. Additionally, the minimum income threshold from which this compensation is offered will also be increased. Therefore, families with a gross household income of 2000 MDL or less will receive a monthly compensation of 350 MDL, for a period of 5 months, from November to March. Previously, such compensations were only offered to families with gross household income of 1 600 MDL or less.

The issue of mail carriers salary increases, especially for those working in rural areas, has also been discussed during today’s meeting. The salaries will be increased by 35% - 100%. Approximately 4 800 mail carriers will receive higher salaries in December of 2018. Also, taking into consideration the requests of the citizens, it has been decided that, beginning with the following month, the mail carriers will deliver pensions directly to the homes of the persons that request such a service.

“All of this financial aid, compensations, salary and pension increases were made possible because of our governance; under the Democratic Party governance the national budget received important financial inflows, thanks to the order and the reforms that we are implementing, thus ensuring the country’s stable economic development, despite the fact that the entire neighboring region is rife with political and economic instability”, the democrat leader pointed out.

Vlad Plahotniuc also touched on the issue of the so-called 13th salary and the winter holiday bonus. The PDM leader insisted on denying the speculations spread by the opposition, that, after the salary reform is implemented, these bonuses will no longer be offered.

 „All public service employees that have been receiving holiday bonuses from the savings made by their institutions will continue receiving them, in December, as they normally did. Additionally, the annual bonus, the so-called 13th salary, will be preserved, which the public service employees will continue to receive in February or, in the case of the public service employees involved in the educational field, in August. I assure you that the Democratic Party knows how to maintain and stimulate economic growth so as in 2019 and in the following years to continue increasing salaries and pensions, and provide bonuses and financial aid to all categories of citizens, so that the people could have a better life here, at home”, Vlad Plahotniuc stated.

During the weekly Party meeting, the state of preparedness of the institutions responsible for tackling snowy and icy weather has also been on the table. These institutions were asked to intervene quickly, to clear the roads of any snow and black ice, and to make sure that the citizens are continuously informed about the condition of the roads, in order to avoid risky situations.

Regarding the political agenda, Vlad Plahotniuc announced that he asked his colleagues in the parliament to draw up a Parliament Decision concerning the organization of the referendum on reducing the number of seats in the Parliament from 101 to 61, and on the possibility for the citizens to withdraw the mandates of MP’s that have disappointed them. The Decision will be voted on during the next Parliament sessions, so that the institutions that are tasked with the organization of elections have enough time to properly organize this nation-wide plebiscite.