Democratic Party of Moldova


DPM, a social party

The Democratic Party is a full member of the Socialist International since 2009. The leader Marian Lupu is Vice-chairman of this international structure.
The Democratic Party is an observer member of the Party of European Socialists – since 2010.
Modern social democracy supports:

• A social market economy (mixed economy), with legal provisions to protect workers, consumers and small entrepreneurs
• Support of ethical and fair trade, based on dialogue, transparency and equity, as an alternative to the liberal principle of free trade
• An extensive and comprehensive social protection system to counteract the effects of poverty and to protect those unable to work in a free market system (unemployed, young people, retirees, etc.)
• A progressive taxation system to redistribute revenues in society
• Public education systems, childcare and healthcare services, funded by the state
• Minimum statutory conditions for workers (minimum wage, protection against unfair dismissal, etc.)
• Environmental protection and superiority of the principle of sustainability and sustainable development
• Multiculturalism, minority rights and a relatively open policy towards migration
• Support for social rights as additional extension and modernization of Human Rights
• A secular and progressive social policy
• A foreign policy that supports promotion of democracy, pacifism and, where possible, multilateralism